About us


We are a full-service creative agency
Let’s put your brand in motion

Umano is a strategic design agency that, with a combination of competencies in web design, film, graphic design and communication, helps clients create solutions that speak to their hearts and minds. We create brands that provide authentic experiences for your customers.

Our Work
We build brands
  • Brand identity
  • Brand system
  • Voice and tone
  • Creative strategy
We build websites
  • WordPress
  • Web apps
  • E-commerce
  • User experience
  • Strategic business tools
We make films
  • Corporate films
  • Product films
  • Employer branding films
  • Explainer films
  • Motion Graphics


Information becomes knowledge

When you choose to collaborate with us, we start by gathering a lot of information about your company, your product and the specific task we need to solve for you. At the same time, we acquire knowledge about relevant target groups, competitors, trends, cultures and more. We do all of this to create a solid foundation for the further process.


Knowledge becomes concepts

The next step involves gathering new insights from the analysis and creating an overall concept for the task. This ensures that we always work from a clear idea and a defined goal. It gives room for design, film concepts to be developed, tested and challenged in the work towards innovative results and unique cross-platform experiences


Concepts becomes reality

At this stage we go from concept to reality. We complete, execute and deliver all the digital applications, films, designs and communication materials. We make sure that all the important information from the first two stages is included and we test that the quality meets the agreed targets. Most importantly, we make sure that you as a customer are satisfied.

We are delivering beautiful digital experiences
Creating a brand is making people fall in love with a company.
We're fortunate to work with fantastic clients on design and branding projects.
Our Approach

We believe in the big clear idea, that in a split second helps the customer understand what exactly your business stands for and what values you represent. Once we have identified the core story, we build your visual identity around it and tell it via all the contact points that meets your customers.

Our Mission

To create unique digital solutions that inspire and provide experiences for our customers. We help our customers create a coherence between what they stand for and what they express. We do this by putting images on your values and stories.

Collaboration fosters growth and creativity - Meet our team.
Thomas Halberg
co-founder / CEO


M: 4018 7313

Tim Borelli Mikkelsen
Co-Founder / Creative director


M: 2751 0571

Max andersen
co-founder / CTO


m: 2620 3325

Peter tullin
Salgs- og marketingchef


M: 6147 1234

Martin jespersen
full stack developer
Troelz Schmidt
Instruktør og tilrettelægger
Jesper Tøffner
Martin Stampe
Filmfotograf og still-fotograf
Astrid Maria Rasmussen
Dronefører og still-fotograf
Sarah Simonsen
Grafisk designer og animator
Anna Kirstine Mulvad
Grafisk designer og illustrator
Phuong T. Vo
full stack developer