Umano Shapes as microstories

Umano shapes are short stories (micro-stories), that can tell a story or describe a specific feeling in a short amount of time.
The visual umano shapes world derives from simple shapes, and makes room for good storytelling and ideas.
Umano Shapes are the perfect way to create SO-ME stories and campaigns that easily can be shared.

3 advantages of microstories
  • You can explain complex stories in a simple, understandable way
  • It is easy to share on social media
  • It creates an emotional connection to the product/message

We have specialized in telling complex stories in a simple way – we bring stories to life.

Where can I use microstories?

Short animations are perfect for social media, when it comes to creating awareness for your strategically chosen topics.
The stories are easily shareable on social media, and it increases the traffic on your website.


For Wednesday we created a penguin that had some trouble getting through to the other side (of the week).

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