Wedo asked UMANO to create an online branding platform, where the brands DNA and philosophy could unfold.

The project involved emphasizing the whole identity and brand behind Wedo, as people are more aware of health and greens than ever before.
We also had to think about how to increase their sales, and make sure people new exactly why they should choose wedo.

Creating a digital branding platform

The design process started by figuring out what the core of the brand entailed, in collaboration with the customer.

With strategy, Wedos wishes and their target group in mind, we created a digital branding platform, tone of voice, and visual style that welcomes the customers to the ‘Wedo Family’.

Launch Website
  • ClientWedo
  • IndustryHealthy Food
  • ServicesDigital branding, Website, Mobile Site, Films & Photos, WordPress
More than just a website

The new digital platform connects all of the branches and existing workshops for Wedo.

Combined all together, it will be a good starting point for wedo, when it comes to their business strategy and other activities for the future.

A holistic digital universe

Umano has also contributed with communication advice and input for new creative ideas.

Some of these ideas are primarily about increasing the engagement for the customers so that Wedo become more than just a place to buy your salad. It becomes a community and a brand that has a firm belief in the environment, health and local products.