Smart Package Studio

We ventured into everything from branding, identity and webdesign with Smart Package Studio
Brand design focusing on product design, interface design, studio photography style, icon design, web design & motion design.
  • Client
  • Smartpackage Studio
  • Industry
  • Machine Learning, Software
  • Services
  • Branding, Webdesign, Software Design, Motion Graphics, Wordpress
  • Art Director
  • Tim Borelli Mikkelsen, Sarah Simonsen, Nikoline Hegelund Olsen
  • About Project
  • Smart Package studio is a smart way to create software packages in record time. The product is created by passionated souls who asked themselves the question: Is there a smarter solution to this problem? Out of this simple, yet innovative question, Smart Package studio was born. We have created a brand strategy and a story behind Software central, that gives them a unique position in the market. Furthermore a whole new visual identity and digital world was made, to create value and knowledge for their customers.
  • Project Brief
  • The project brief was to create a visual universe for Smart Package studio, that could relay the story of these passionated souls, who dares to undertake a challenge. Smart Package studio is a unique company that stands out from the crowd of companies that are normally more conservative. It consists of people who has a burning desire to always do things a little bit better or smarter. It is professionals who believe that things could be made more simple, and much faster than what the standard is today. They don’t just create the project for themselves but for everyone who wants to be a part of a smarter community, and who wishes to do things just a little bit better.
Smarter together
Smart Package studio keeps getting smarter with machine learning, and the more people that joins the community, the smarter the product becomes.
Project skills & expertise

Umano is a full service agency dedicated to telling your stories. We always work on the basis of a strong supporting idea and and an inspiring concept that ensures that there is always a red thread throughout what we design.


The human mind is always at the center of what we create. We have a deep belief that it is the human focal point that ultimately makes the project a success.





  • We have created a number of illustrations that creates an identity for the entire project. The illustrations have several purposes. Partly to create an inviting universe that pays homage to everyday heroes around at companies. The ones that make businesses run optimally, every single day. In addition, the illustrations are included in the Motion Graphics movie, which explains all the intelligent benefits of the Product.
Smart Package Studio allows users to create an emotional bond to their visual universe. It creates loyalty with their customers.
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