Encouraging Exploration


About Røsnæs Rundt

The project, Røsnæs Rundt, all started with a burning desire to make people explore the exceptional nature of Røsnæs and to take part in all that it has to offer. 

Umano was invited to communicate this project through an identity, a website and an exhibition concept.


We created a movie to highlight the exceptional nature of Røsnæs.

User Experience

With the user in mind, we tried to engage them in the nature of Røsnæs.

Web Design

We needed to create a website to compliment the project.

We chose to focus on 3 areas:
the experience, communication, and to make it worth their while for the visitors
The Nature of Røsnæs

As soon as people discover the beautiful nature of Røsnæs,
you don’t need to emphasize it as much.
That’s why our task was to make people discover this natural pearl,
and encourage visitors to explore it.

The 13 Landmarks

In collaborations with Spektrum Arkitekter, we added 13 landmarks in the landscape, that would work as a form of “nature room”, as well as an activity room in the bay area.
The landmarks would combined, create a route for the visitors to follow and explore the exceptional nature.

The first landmark you, as a visitor, encounter is the nature room. This is the place where the visitor can gather some information about the project and to plan their day ahead at Røsnæs.

In the Exhibition rooms you can read about all of the various landmarks and figure out where you want to visit. You can get an overview of the area at the exhibition table, and you also get the chance to watch an interactive movie of Røsnæs.

Increasing Awareness

The website was created as the focal point of Røsnæs Rundt, and its main purpose was to increase awareness for the area. It works as a platform for people to plan the best possible visit at Røsnæs.

We created an activity calendar in collaborations with Kultunaut, which meant that the events at Røsnæs was available for people outside of the website as well.

We also made sure that the visitors were able to see the different types of organizations in the area, that would also communicate the upcoming events.

A guestbook was also created, so that the different activities and events could be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Plan your day

Whenever you are walking the trails of Røsnæs, you have the option to gather more information from the “Røsnæs Rundt” App which, amongst other things, has a collection of recorded sounds from the various landmarks.

The main thing that was important for us during this project, was that the focal point should always be the beautiful landscape of Røsnæs. The digital platforms and informations should be something that was available to the visitor to use if they felt like learning more or get inspiration from it.

Go and explore!

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