Channel Branding

New video Identity for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
Umano has worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to created a new and engaging identity for their Channel Branding.
  • Client
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Services
  • Channel Branding, Motion Graphics
  • Art Director
  • Sarah P. Simonsen, Nikoline H. Olsen
  • About Project
  • Based on the square logo element, we created a universe where different sizes of the square transforms into another form of square. They morph into each other, to show how they are interdependent in the same way as the ministry is interdependent with the rest of the world. In the logo outro, we designed the logo element as a “window to the world”, where the graphic square element focused on emphasizing a specific story. We are zooming in and telling engaging stories from all over the world.
  • Project Brief
  • How do you ensure that you work from a common starting point when communicating through film and video on a wide variety of platforms? How do you ensure that as a sender, you always appear coherent when you talk about the values you stand for? This is done through strategic and well thought through identity for ones channel branding. Our world builds on respect for the existing identity, but creates life and provides a unique opportunity to position oneself as a contemporary and dynamic player when communicating through videos.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a unitary service where the mission, vision and values are the same whether the employee is in Accra, Brussels, Kabul, Munich or in Copenhagen
Animations should always serve a purpose. They should never be done for animation’s sake.
Animations can express a brand’s personality just as much as fonts, colours, and icons can. Together they form a coherent visual identity.
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